Apprenticeship Scheme

The City of London has always prospered from the work carried out by the Livery Companies – bodies of tradesmen and women who represent their crafts, from traditional trades like Fishmongery and Haberdashery, to modern enterprises like Arts Scholars, Engineers and Information Technologists. For over five centuries, the City has relied on these Companies – and their apprentices – to sustain its reputation as a leading hub in international trade and business. The Livery Companies Apprenticeship Scheme (LCAS) is recognising the value of vocational skills that have been rediscovered in recent years. It aligns the traditional approach to apprenticeships; established in London back in the 12th century with modern vocational learning.

LCAS is combining tradition with technology to facilitate the Livery Companies’ role in modern skills development and bring their trades into the 21st century. LCAS has had great success with their apprenticeships so far, with retention figures sitting well above the national average. The development of their innovative apprenticeship scheme has prepared them well for the apprenticeship reforms. Where apprenticeships used to be one-size-fits-all programmes, the new apprenticeship standards allow companies to tailor the standards to their expectations.

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Livery Company Apprentice Scheme

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