Apprenticeship Scheme

The City of London has always prospered from the work carried out by the Livery Companies – bodies of tradesmen and women who represent their crafts, from traditional trades like...

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Livery Company Skills Council

Livery Company Skills Council promotes vocational training and represents the concerns of Livery Companies to Government and policy makers. In 2012 the LCSC made a successful bid to the Government's...

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Mansion House Scholarship Scheme

The Mansion House Scholarship Scheme helps fund foreign students and young financial services executives to come to the UK to study at a British university, or to train or gain...

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City & Guilds of London Institute

Founded in 1878, the City and Guilds of London Institute was founded by the Corporation of the City of London and 16 livery companies (the Guilds) to protect and promote...

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School Governor Training

School governors play a vital role in education. The governing board plans the strategic direction of a school, makes sure public money is well spent, and holds school leadership to...

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Academic Partnerships

In 2019, some 17 Livery Companies provided capital funding, sponsorship and management of Schools, Academies and Colleges.

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