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Delegates to the ‘Who was found to be naked when the tide went out?’ Livery Charity Conference hosted by the Chartered Accountants’ Company on 17th May 2021 were asked to indicate if they might be interested in an informal network for Charity Chairs. The response was positive and the idea evolved. The inaugural meeting of the Livery Charity Chairs Group (LCCG) was held on 14th June 2021. 23 Charity Chairs attended and discussed how a group might operate and what topics they would most wish it to cover.

Below are the current arrangements under which the group is operating.


The purpose of LCCG is to enable Livery Charity Chairs to share their ideas and experiences and learn from each other in an ongoing informal network.


Current arrangements

Each quarterly meeting will have a theme. The initial format proposed for each hour-long meetings is to start with brief presentations from two members, then move into discussions in smaller breakout rooms followed by a final plenary session.

The themes for each meeting will be decided in consultation with members but may well be drawn from the following list:

a. Strategy and Governance

  • Reviewing/agreeing strategy
  • Trustee appointment/induction/appraisal/development
  • Charity Commission Guidance
  • Current topics – such as safeguarding and EDI
  • Governance arrangements and possible conflicts of interest
  • Budgets and cash flows

b. Income

  • Investment arrangements
  • Fundraising and processing donor income
  • Legacy initiatives

c. Grant making and pro bono support

  • Considerations around ongoing grant beneficiaries
  • Considerations around one-off applications including giving to non-charities
  • Providing pro bono support
  • Measuring the impact of any grants

d. Communication

  • Annual reports and accounts
  • Use of social media
  • Promoting your achievements

The longer annual conference will cover a wider range of topics. It is also planned to pilot informal drop-in sessions on Zoom to see if LCCG members find them of value.

Meeting of March 7th 2022

The following slides were presented at the meeting.

Hot Topic #3 Trustees - March 2022

Meeting of September 20th 2021

The following slides were presented at the meeting.

Slides from LCCG Hot Topic #1 Governance Sept 2021

Meeting of December 6th 2021

The following slides were presented at the meeting. You can also download Top ten tips for maintaining contributions.

Hot Topic #2 Fundraising - December 2021

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