Livery Companies Liaison Scheme

The Livery Companies Liaison Scheme has the purpose to establish communication between the Livery Committee, the Livery Companies and their Masters or Prime Wardens, Courts and Clerks. It does not replace the Clerk’s membership of other support organisations such as the three Clerks’ Associations.

The appointed Member of the Livery Committee establishes a direct link with assigned Companies. That appointed Member has the responsibility to:

  • Communicate information and guidance as determined by the Committee.
  • Feedback the views of the assigned Companies to the Committee.
  • Resolve and raise any matters with the Committee.
  • Provide both useful and requested information to the assigned Company.
  • Provide direct communication for a Master or Prime Warden and Court to independently offer help.
  • Encourage the active participation of the assigned Companies in the training programme provided by the Committee.

The Member shall hold formal meetings with the Master or Prime Warden of each Company. Furthermore, the Member will contact the Clerk in addition to the distribution of the Livery Briefing.

The scheme is operated effectively through regular communication between the Member and the organiser of the Liaison scheme.