Livery Committee Membership

Membership consists of 2 Aldermen, 6 Common Councilmen, 6 Liverymen and 6 Clerks; total 20 in all.

Current members

2 Aldermen

Sir Peter Estlin (Intl Banker) To be confirmed by Common Hall

Sir Charles Bowman (Grocer) To be confirmed by Common Hall

6 Common Councilmen

Sheriff Christopher Hayward (Pattenmaker) elected June 2016

Mr Shravan Joshi (Fueller) elected June 2019

Miss Judith Pleasance (Clockmaker) elected June 2016

Deputy Richard Regan (Cutler) elected June 2015

Mr Ian Seaton (Girdler) – re-elected June 2017

Deputy Philip Woodhouse (Grocer) elected June 2017 Committee Deputy Chairman

6 Liverymen – 1 Great XII, 1 Clerks’ Association, and 4 Fellowship of Clerks

Mr Robin Booth (Clothworker) – Great XII nominee – elected June 2014

Ms Julia Sibley (Innholder) – Clerks’ Association – elected June 2017

Fellowship of Clerks nominees:

Ms Fiona Adler (Tobacco Pipe-Maker) elected June 2016

Mr David Cole-Adams (Tyler & Bricklayer) – elected June 2014

Mr Andrew Marsden (Marketor) elected June 2016

Ms Victoria Russell (Arbitrator) elected June 2011 Committee Chairman

6 Clerks (two from each of three Associations)

Colonel Charlie Knaggs OBE (Ironmongers) – elected June 2020

Mr Chris Twyman (Painter-Stainer) – elected June 2015

Mr Russell Vaizey (Dyer) – elected June 2015

Colonel Robert Murfin (Pattenmaker) – elected June 2017

Co-opted Members (Up to four are permitted)

Brigadier Tim Gregson (Clerk to the Carpenters) – elected June 2019 for two years

Mr David Barrett (Secretary, Fellowship of Clerks) – elected until June 2021